Payday loan in an amount of 7,500


Increased limit of loans for regular customers up to 7,500 is another of the novelties introduced .

This time, surprised everyone by introducing the possibility of borrowing up to 7,500 for regular borrowers with subsequent loans.

A loan up to 7,500 on subsequent loans – I will just remind you that until now, the limit of loans for regular customers amounted to 5,000. The company apparently recognized that the demand of the company’s regular customers is larger and decided to increase the current limit to 7,500. Unfortunately, I do not have accurate information on which loan is offered in a row, because the website has only general information that amounts above 3,000 are available on the second loan.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to borrow , I will remind you that this is one of the best offers of payday loans available on the market, which I quite often inform in the published by me rankings rankings . The requirements for a potential borrower are not particularly high, it is enough that we are over 20 years old, we do not have the status of a indebted person and we have an active bank account and a mobile phone. If you are interested in the opinion about , I am sending you to an article which I published in my blog. Since its publication, there have been a number of interesting internauts’ opinions on loans and general information about the company’s operations.

Just for a few days, the first loan is up to 3000 for up to two months – I will remind you that only for the next days will be a promotion under which the first free loan can be borrowed for 2 months, without incurring any additional costs. This promotion will be valid only until 30 April 2017. Of course, only new customers who have never had the opportunity to use the services of the company can use it.

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